Advisory Council Members

Eunice Tarver, Provost, Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus

Moises Echeverria, President, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice

Frank Haith, Head Basketball Coach, The University of Tulsa

Glenda Love Williams, Ret. President/CEO., Ronald McDonald House and Nonprofit Consultant

Hannibal B. Johnson, Author, Attorney & Consultant

Ashley Philippsen, Deputy Chief of Community Development & Policy at the City of Tulsa

Wilson Pipestem, Partner, Pipestem Law



Clarence Boyd, Program Officer, The Commemoration Fund

The Commemoration Fund

Our Mission

We support bold and innovative efforts to correct social, political and economic injustices that impact Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color in our community. Our grantmaking addresses disparities rooted in white supremacy and systemic racism with sustainable, collaborative solutions.


Letter from Zarrow Trustees

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


As leaders of our respective family foundations, we’ve been distressed and also moved by what is happening in our community.  We have listened to the perspectives of our younger trustees, and recalled the legacy of our parents who, at the time, made incredibly bold and brave decisions with their philanthropy.

Somehow a statement on our website and a few grants feels hollow given our resources.  It feels like it’s time for us to respond boldly to the grave injustices in our community. 

We’ve decided to commit the funds of the entire joint family foundation to this cause.  ­­­­The Zarrow Families Foundation will now conduct its grantmaking through The Commemoration Fund, to honor the memory of the victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.  This new effort will be dedicated to and overseen entirely by people of color. 

Thank you to the Tulsa leaders who have accepted positions on the inaugural Commemoration Fund Advisory Board.

The Commemoration Fund will provide approximately 5-7 years of support, likely totaling around $6 million. Grant guidelines will be determined by the Advisory Board and may take the form of institutional scholarships, justice and diversion initiatives, facilities, or workforce development especially related to healthcare and mental healthcare for people of color in our community.  

The important decision here is not to initiate grants for the cause, but to grant authority over those funds directly to Black, Indigenous People of Color.  In other words, we cannot be a stumbling block any longer, nor can we hope to effect change by continuing to employ what Martin Luther King Jr. aptly described as “shallow understanding from people of good will.”

Qualifications for application will be determined by The Commemoration Fund Advisory Board. Look for them this winter, in time to announce the first round of grants by May 2021, the anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Gail Zarrow Richards, Judy Zarrow Kishner, Stuart Zarrow
Zarrow Families Foundation Trustees


The Zarrow Families Foundation was originally established as a corporate charitable giving vehicle that evolved into a fund where brothers Henry and Jack Zarrow could do collaborative grantmaking outside their well-known individual foundations. 

Current trustees honor their fathers by directing all future grantmaking to positively impact Black Indigenous People of Color.


Mr. Henry Zarrow, 1916-2014
Mr. Jack Zarrow, 1925-2012
Mr. Scott Zarrow, 1958-2012


Mr. Stuart Zarrow
Ms. Judy Kishner
Ms. Gail Richards