Giving in Israel: Guidelines

Grants made in Israel are considered by invitation only through our official representative in Israel, Mr. Natan Golan.

The Foundation will consider requests in Israel serving the needs of the following communities:

  • Children, youth, and adults with mental and/or physical challenges
  • Homeless children, youth, and adults
  • Physically & mentally abused Women/Girls

Grant Criteria

Geographical Preference

Priority will be given to projects and programs serving the specified communities in the peripheral regions of Israel, i.e. the Galilee (north of Haifa-Tiberias) and the Negev (south of Be’er Sheva-Ashdod.)

Matching Grants

The Foundation will only consider projects and programs that have secured matching funds from governmental and/or other philanthropic sources. We will only consider funding up to 50% of the total project or program budget.

Multi-Year Grants

A multi-year grant will only be considered following successful completion and evaluation of the first year of funding from The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation.

Other Considerations

The Foundation will not consider funding requests for programs serving “at-risk youth” or towards programs in youth villages or boarding schools.

The Foundation will consider funding requests for program activities or equipment purchases, as well as renovation and refurbishment needs. The Foundation will not consider grant requests for operating budgets.

Review and Approval Process

A letter of inquiry (in English) should be sent to Mr. Natan Golan.

The letter (2 pages + attachments) should include the following:

  • Background information on your organization
  • Brief details of the project/program
  • Projected impact and outcome of your project or program
  • A budget narrative summary
  • Contact information for the staff submitting the inquiry 

Required attachments:

  • The name and address of your US funding conduit, classified as a 501(c)(3) organization ( i.e. PEF; American Friends etc.)
  • A copy of your Israeli Charity Certification (Teudat Amuta)
  • A copy of your organization’s Fiscal Management Certification (Nihul Takin)
  • A list of Senior Staff, Board of Directors, and Philanthropic Funders (past & present)
  • Latest Annual Budget for your organization – including Actual Expenditures vs. Budget (Doch Revach V’hefsed)

Upon the initial review of the letter of inquiry and approval, Mr. Golan will contact you with specific guidelines for the formal application process. There is a unique, web-based application that must be used for Israeli requests, which is only available from Mr. Golan.

All funding decisions from the Foundation board will be communicated to the contact person at your organization by Mr. Golan. Any follow-up inquiries or additional requests should be made to Mr. Golan via email as well.


All inquiries, correspondence, and funding requests should be submitted to our official representative in Israel:

Mr. Natan Golan

Please refrain from contacting the Zarrow office in Tulsa, OK, USA, related to funding in Israel.

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