Ms. Anne Zarrow, 1915-2000
Mr. Henry Zarrow, 1916-2014

The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation

The mission of The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation is to lift our neighbors out of poverty by supporting housing and shelter resources, social services and basic human needs, accessible health and mental healthcare, and programs that empower and inspire community members to improve their lives.

Our philanthropy reflects the faith, vision and values that guided our founders, Anne and Henry Zarrow, who believed in building communities where marginalized populations are elevated in ways that uplift us all.

We fund nonprofit organizations working to improve the physical and intellectual lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people primarily in the metropolitan area of Tulsa, and in special cases statewide in Oklahoma and in Israel. Grants from the Foundation may be made in the form of operating, program or capital support.

The Legacy of Anne & Henry Zarrow (Video)


Ms. Judy Kishner
Mr. Stuart Zarrow
Ms. Julie Burrage
Dr. Jay Wohlgemuth
Ms. Lisa Zarrow
Mr. Mark Zarrow


Dr. Edward Zarrow

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