Application Tips

Unless otherwise invited, an online application is required.  Our application is best viewed with Internet Explorer. Sign in with email address and password to complete an application. If this is the first time applying, create a new account by signing in.  If you have replaced someone who previously submitted applications for your organization, please contact Laura Blais. You will also need to know your Tax ID to begin the grant process.

NOTE: If the application is idle for 15 minutes or longer, the system will log you out without saving your work. If you cannot finish your grant application in one session, print a copy of what you have entered so far, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save and Finish Later.” DO NOT use your browser to save – it will not be saved where you can retrieve it. While still in the application, you can email it to anyone you wish for review prior to submission by clicking on “Email Draft.” In your online account you also have four options using the icons to the right of the application name: “Transfer to New Owner,” “Manage Viewers,” “Delete,” and “Email a Copy of the Application.”

When flipping between pages, use the numbered tabs at the top of the application. If you use your browser buttons to change pages you will lose the information you have just entered.

If you have started an application or final report, and want to return and finish it – click here: Return to Previous Application. The application or report you are still working on will be shown first in the “In Progress Applications” or the “In Progress Requirements” section. Completed applications will be shown in the “Submitted Applications” section. You may email either the open or submitted applications to others.

You know you have successfully completed an application when after you hit the “submit” button, you receive an email indicating success along with a copy of your application. You may see the status of your application by following the link to “return to previous application” noted above.