The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation

Priority Funding Initiatives

Alleviating & Preventing Homelessness

The Foundation supports programs that work to end homelessness as well as lessen the struggle of homelessness, including Built for Zero, a housing-first campaign focused on housing all of Tulsa’s chronically homeless and homeless veterans.

The Foundation supports nonprofits that provide shelter, utility assistance, and basic needs as well as sustainable models of supportive housing, such as those advanced by the Mental Health Association Oklahoma, with its 1500 affordable rental units as well as therapeutic housing and programs. The Foundation also funds housing efforts targeting young adults and seniors.

In 2017, the Foundation was awarded the HUD Secretary’s Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships for its innovative and impactful cross-sector housing initiatives.

Improving Access to Health Care & Mental Health Services

The Foundation supports programs that improve health and mental health, especially for those living in poverty. Additionally, the foundation supports collaborative efforts to improve mental health care and delivery systems to positively impact disadvantaged individuals and families.

In 2017, the Foundation funded a comprehensive assessment of Tulsa’s mental health services in partnership with the Urban Institute and The University of Tulsa.

Early results from the study encouraged the foundation to make a leadership investment toward planning and construction of a new 114,000 square-foot Parkside Psychiatric Hospital. The project will nearly double the hospital’s capacity, serve 136 patients daily with 80 new single-occupancy rooms, a new mental health emergency room, and 16 new substance abuse rehabilitation beds.

Supporting Social Services

It is a cornerstone belief at the Foundation that providing annual, unrestricted operating support to social service providers is critical to their mission and to ours. The Foundation also awards grants for piloting new initiatives, organizational planning, and capital projects.

One capital investment that aims to supports our vibrant nonprofits is Legacy Plaza.

In 2015, the Foundation purchased the 3-facility campus to be remodeled and owned by five Tulsa nonprofits which were in need of expanding service and headquarter spaces.

Legacy Plaza owners include Assistance League of Tulsa, Mental Health Association Oklahoma, LIFE Senior Services, Community Action Project, and the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.

Reducing Hunger & Supporting Basic Needs

We believe that food insecurity and hunger are solvable, unnecessary, unjust and impact everyone living in Oklahoma. The Foundation has long supported the state’s food bank efforts to improve nutrition with expanded produce offerings and broader rural outreach.

In 2016, the Foundation funded a statewide hunger assessment which identified millions of available federal funds for children’s meal and supplemental nutrition programs that were being left on the table annually. In response, the Foundation launched Hunger Free Oklahoma, an organization dedicated to leveraging partnerships to secure these funds for children’s hunger and other programs in Oklahoma.

Areas of Interest

To a lesser degree, The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation focuses on four additional areas of interest.

Supporting Education

For The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation, lifting neighbors out of poverty also means expanding access to higher education and improvement of K-12 programs likely to increase a disadvantaged child’s chance of entering college.

The Foundation considers capital and operations grants to organizations that support education, and also provides ongoing scholarship support for programs at seven area universities including Langston University, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma State University, Rogers State University, Tulsa Community College, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Tulsa. For information on scholarships, please contact the universities directly.

Special Projects

From time-to-time the Foundation will fund Legacy Gifts, which go beyond target areas of interest, especially where there is an opportunity to honor the strongest interests of our founders.


Jewish & Israel Giving

The trustees of The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation are committed to supporting Jewish communities, especially where projects can improve the lives of the disadvantaged.

The Foundation’s strategy for Jewish Giving centers largely on support for social services and vulnerable populations, primarily in Israel.  There will continue to be a preference for these types of projects located in the rural regions of Israel, such as the Galilee and the Negev.  In addition, local and national grants will be considered along with other special projects internationally.

Enriching Local Culture & Quality of Life

The trustees of The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation envision a community where people from all walks of life can interact, gain insight, engage with beauty, and be inspired to reach their full potential.

Grants to cultural institutions, civic improvement, arts organizations, and advocacy projects build on a longstanding commitment made by Anne and Henry Zarrow to invest in the community where they built their company and raised their family.